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Audiit analyzes the sites that are already winning and tells you what to do in order to beat them.

Complete On Page Analysis Of What Is Working For Any Keyword

Exact Suggestions On How To Properly Optimize Your Site

Exportable White Label Reports

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Measure Every Aspect Of Your Site’s SEO

Cloud Based

No extra tools are required. Simply login and get to optimizing your site

Instant On Page Analysis

Audiit analyzes your site and your competitors in just minutes

Full Client Reporting

Easily create reports on exact SEO steps to take to a prospect or client. Great way to get new business!

No More Guess Work

Take the guess work out of your on page SEO

Audiit will analyze search engine results, tell you what is already working, and show you how to implement it on your own site.

What People Say

"Very useful Website SEO Audit tool / A+++
What Audiit has proven to us is that it’s actually possible to get on-page right and be sure of it because it’s all based on maths! A crucial point to understand is that your page can be, and probably is, both over-optimized and under-optimized at the same time. Just look at the signals individually. Highly recommend this tool to all SEO's for their success."

Rohin Dua

"Simple SEO tool that works! 🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯
I have seen this tool and just dismissed it.. so finally had time to check it out, got a deal tested it out and after the review was done, I had some actionable insights right away.. no fuss.. no flashy graphics or reports. Just data.. and its data that works. Use it for competitors or your own sites.
There are so many all-in-one tools.. that are ok.. but there are single tools that are focused and delivery value and this is one of them. 🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯 on target, useful and crazy price that you can't resist!"

Anton Sheker

"Audiit makes SEO easy!
Audiit is incredibly simple and easy to use. Most SEO tools require a PHD just to figure out how to navigate. With Audiit, I can take a quick look at where a page stacks-up compared to the top 20 results on Google, and then get back to updating the page/fixing any issues without any complexity or frustrating confusion. The single biggest issue with SEO and most SEO tools is the unnecessary complexity. At this point, it is pretty clear what matters to Google: delivering results based on search intent and user experience. You don't need a bunch of SEO tools to do those two things, but it doesn't hurt to use a tool to help you understand what you might have overlooked or forgotten to do. If a tool takes less than 5 minutes to use + provide insight into this, especially at one-time LTD pricing- why not try it out?
With audiit, I can 'check the box' on where my pages stack up based on 10 easy-to-understand ranking factors and the ability to run unlimited reports means that I can check back frequently to see if anything has changed.
There is no doubt this is one of the easiest SEO tools on the market. If there is any fault, it is that it is so simple to use and so "basic" that it makes you feel like you aren't "doing enough"... especially compared to all the vast SEO tools that get super detailed on the 200+ ranking factors google uses in their algorithm...
Audiit focuses on the 10 that they feel matter the most and that makes SEO approachable to anyone and a fantastic place to start if you need quick on-page analysis to see where you stack up against the competition!"

Scott Sprouse

No Thought Needed Interface

No experience needed. Just enter your URL and Keyword and press Go

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In seconds you can have all the information you need to perfectly optimize your site. Step-By-Step

No Rocket Science Needed SEO

This is not like other analysis tools that take a PHD to use. Simply login and fill out the simple analysis details and walk away!

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I would like to save thousands in social SEO outsourcing and add social SEO to my arsenal today”


“I would like to save hundreds of hours of boring analysis and get started ranking my site today.